Register Your Smartboard and Get Free Concept Mapping Software

While reading the TeqSmart Blog, I learned that registering your Smartboard can be worthwhile:

Once you have registered your hardware product, SMART will e-mail you a serial number that enables you to download a free, single license of SMART Ideas concept-mapping software. You will receive one license for each SMART product you purchase. Eligible purchases must include SMART Notebook software. Note: GoWire cables are also exempt.

If you have a SMART Board 600 series interactive whiteboard, by registering your product within two years of purchase you will extend its warranty to five years. If you have a SMART Board 600i series interactive whiteboard system, you must register the serial numbers of both the interactive whiteboard and the projection system.

This same blog is offering a Free Traffic Light Timer gallery object for the Smart Notebook software, for a limited time.

The Traffic Light Timer is an interactive traffic light that will count-down and change from red to yellow to green, or green to yellow to red. Custom sounds can be added by putting MP3 files to the attachments tab of your SMART Notebook lesson. The lights can also be toggled on or off by clicking on them.


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