Shelfari Virtual Book Study Group

While reading Kim Cofino’s blog, I learned of an Educator Book Discussion group on Shelfari. What a great idea! I could see our book study groups participating in this Shelfari group, and adding their own books, if the books aren’t already available on the “shelf.”  This would expand the discussion beyond the walls of our building, and provide the opportunity for a richer, more meaningful conversation with educators from around the world. Currently the group has 152 members.

This could also be a good resource for choosing a book.


In her blog post, Kim lists the benefits, or reasons to participate in a book study group:

Hopefully, we’ll be able to:

  • reflect on our reading to help us apply our learning and deepen our understanding;
  • make connections as a group that might not have sprung to mind if we were reading alone;
  • have a common base of understanding, which may help propel us to action, instead of feeling isolated or overwhelmed;
  • practice what we preach in the classroom, we’re always asking our students to discuss their reading, now it’s our turn!


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