Recently Answered Questions August 17th

Below are notes from some of questions or situations I have recently responded to:questions

How can I save a document as a PDF to upload to my blog so that students can easily access the document?

You can use the free software PDF995. Most the stations already have it installed. See my PDF995 handout for installation and use directions. As we upgrade the stations to Office 2007, you will be able to its option to save a file as a pdf.

To upload that pdf to your WordPress blog and create a link in a post or page, see pages 17-18 of my WordPress handout.

Do you have a list of the class websites being published by our High School Staff?

I’ve sent out a building email requesting the web address for any class website, blogs, nings, or wikis. As the responses come in, I’m tagging the sites in my delicious account. You can find them here: I will continue to add sites to this list as I receive more responses.

On a side note, if you’re wondering what delicious is, it’s a social bookmarking site for saving your favorite sites online, indexed by tags. It is also a great place to find sites tagged by others, and an easy tool for sharing your favorites with others. If you want to learn more you can visit the Fusion: Social-bookmarking webpage to access a handout, screencasts, and other resources. Send me an email if you would like help getting started. I use this tool every day. It is free, but I value it so much I would pay for it if required.

How can I share videos online at my class website or blog?

I think one of the best ways to upload video to share on your website is to use Vimeo to host the video and then embed or link to the video. This site is not blocked by our school filter, and offers a free account featuring: 500MB per week of upload space, access to upload 1 HD video per week and up to 10 videos per day, ability to download converted files, privacy controls, and basic embedding features. If you need more, Vimeo Plus is $60 a year. See this comparison of the 2 accounts for the details.

To embed a video into a WordPress post, see the WordPress Support>Video>Vimeo webpage.

I want to use my document camera in the front of the room, not near my computer. Can I do this?

Yes. You can use the document camera with just the projector, no computer required. In your room, if the location of the cable wall jack for the projector  prohibits you from using document where you want, Scott can order a longer video cable to deal with this issue. This longer video cable can also be used to connect your computer and document camera to the projector, without having your desk right next to the cable wall jack. Now, if you are wanting to use the document camera with the software on your computer, but not near your computer, that would require additional cables.

I want to stand on this side of the table while using the document camera, but then the display is upside down for my students.

Press the rotate button on the unit repeatedly until the display is correct.

How many images can I store on the document camera and how do I view them?

You can save 240 images on the camera’s internal memory. You can also use an SD card to store images from the camera. The unit accepts cards up to 4G in size. Pressing the source button on the unit will display the images saved on the camera’s internal memory. You can choose an individual image to display full screen, or start a slideshow of the stored images. You can also use the remote to access many of the camera’s functions from various locations in your room, such as go to the next stored image, zoom in, auto tune, freeze, etc.

I can’t get the document camera to record with the software.

The document cameras work great, once you get the software and drivers properly installed. However, the installation is not simple.  I would be happy to complete the setup for you. If you want to do it yourself, the software is on the server, in the lab folder, in a folder labeled Lumens Doc Camera. You will need to copy the installation files onto your desktop. Once you have connected the camera and installed the driver, you will need to change the drive letter of the document camera from F to something like Q. Scott created a handout on how to do this with flash drives, but the process is the same for the doc camera. I will also put up a screencast of how to do this very soon. You will find both resources on the Fusion: Flash Drives webpage. Then, you can install the Queue software.

If you visit the Lumens website you will find a newer version of the software. I’ve not tried this newer software yet, so I can’t verify that it will work with our stations. Again….let me know if I can do this for you.

For more information on using your document camera, see the Fusion: Document Camera webpage. Or if you have an aversion to reading handouts/manuals, contact me.

SISK12 Questions

Click the question to view the handout with the answer, complete with screenshots.

  1. How can I change the order in which my classes are displayed in the My Classes box?
  2. How can I print a TNT roster with pictures?
  3. How can I print a roster with grid lines of blank cells?
  4. How can I enter the same score, on one assignment, for all the students in a class?
  5. Can I print a roster for all my classes without accessing each of them? No

Image Credit: Questions? by Marcus Ramberg Licensed CC by-nc


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