HippoCampus: Free Multimedia Learning Objects

The September edition of DESE’s Instructional Technology newsletter announced that Hippocampus is now available for all Missouri school districts.

DESE and the Missouri Virtual Program (MoVIP) purchased a subscription to the National Repository of Online Courses (NROC) for all Missouri school districts, or Hippocampus as the collection is commonly called. …Over 2,500 multimedia learning objects are available at this site, including resources that cover four of the mandatory Missouri EOC exams (algebra I, biology, American government and US history).


I need to explore this resource more. But, so far I’ve watched a narrated civil war slideshow with illustrations, photos, and primary documents. I’ve previewed a few animation videos in the Science Physics area. Direct links to resources are provided, which is great for teachers to link to on their websites or bookmark. In math, a narrated alegbra problem is displayed with a box for submitting my answers. When I submit the incorrect answers to the rate problem, it displays how to find the correct answer. If I click the Topic Text button I can view information on solving rate problems and view an example.


There is a link teachers can use to create a custom HippoCampus page for their students. The standards tab is a convenient way to find resources tied to a specific Missouri standard. The Textbooks tab lists several books. When select, a list of multimedia resources is provided.



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