Recently Answered Questions September 13

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I want to download videos from PBS and npr, but there isn’t a download option. How can I do this?

These sites do not want you to download their video content. They intentionally don’t provide a download feature, and design their website to prohibit downloading through the use of the browser addons or other software. They wish to protect their copyrighted content. You will have to stream, or play the videos directly from their website. We have to be cautious about streaming, since it uses significant bandwidth and could compromise our network if over done. I would suggest checking the iTunes store for vodcasts (podcasts = audio only; vodcasts = audio and video). You may find the same video available here, with the option to download it. You don’t need an ipod to access these videos. They will play full screen from iTunes.


A video won’t play on a website that is not blocked by the filter. What is wrong?

If you are sure the filter isn’t the culprit, you probably need to update your flash player. Whenever updating these players, they often volunteer additional software that you may not want (Google Toolbar, McAfee antivirus) so be sure to uncheck any boxes for additional software not needed.


If using Internet Explorer, be sure to watch for the yellow notification bar to display near the tool bar requesting your permission to proceed with this installation.


My Lumens document camera’s zoom features don’t work any more.

Make sure it isn’t set to half page, or the image isn’t rotated. Press the Half Page button on the camera until the largest area possible is displayed. Then try to zoom in and out. Or, press the Rotate button, try to zoom. If it doesn’t work, repeat until it does. You can see my recently updated handout for further information on using the camera.

How can I make a Word document a PDF?

If you are using Word 2007, click the Office button, go to Save As, and look for PDF or XPS. If this option is not available, install the MS Office 2007 Save as PDF Add In.



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