Recently Answered Questions 10-13-09

How can I safe guard my privacy on Facebook?

How can I use a copy machine to scan a document and email it to someone?

SISK12: How can I print an individual student progress report that lists all the assignment with scores, as well as the current grade?

SISK12: How can I find if a student has an IEP?

SISK12: How can I access a recently withdrawn student to enter scores for his last assignment?

SISK12: How can I view a student’s attendance history for my class?

SISK12: In my gradebook, how can I view assignments by date, instead of sorted by type?

SISK12: In my gradebook, can I sort students by something other than their last name?

My students completed digital storytelling projects with Windows Movie Maker projects on one computer and then logged in on another to show the movie, but it didn’t work. When we try to play the video, it can’t find any of their media.

First, students need to develop the practice of creating a project folder in which they copy all the source files to be used in the project. They should also save their project file in this folder. Once the project is started, you can not move or rename the source files. The concept of a project folder applies to PowerPoint slideshows and Photostory projects as well.

When using flash drives, if a different drive letter is assigned to the flash drive when plugged into a different computer, WMM may not be able to find the source files. This situation can also occur when a teacher logs in to accesses the student’s folder. The path to that student’s folder is different with a teacher log in, as opposed to when the student logs in. You can usually repair the missing file situation by right clicking on each of the missing files and choosing Browse for Missing File.

It is apparent from your question that the students did not complete the movie maker process, did not produce the movie by completing the 3rd step, “Save to my computer.” Had they done so, this single generated file could have been accessed and played with Window Media Player, regardless of where any source files were stored.

I would like to make an overhead or scan a piece of paper so that I could use it in class.  It is silly to make a copy for each child when I only want to use it for 3 or 4 minutes.  I have a hard copy and I know I could use a document camera, but I want to make it so I could come back to it later on in the week for a minute or two…how could I do this?

You can take a picture of it with the document camera. It will store the image on the camera itself. You will be able to pull the image back up to display in the future. Or….you can scan it on the copy machines in the main office, choosing to email it to yourself. This will arrive as a pdf file. You can then store this on your station and display at any time.

My student has a video on her cell phone that she would like to use in a school project. How can we get the video from the phone to a school station?

Many video sharing sites provide an email address to be used to upload videos. If the student has the ability to send emails from his/her phone, he/she could email this video. Vimeo, for example, provides free accounts and is not blocked by the filter. You could set up a class Vimeo account and share the upload email address with your students.  From the Vimeo site you will be able to download the student’s video onto a station.

My students are attempting to sign up for a Google Docs account, but it is requiring a mobile phone number for verification. Is there another way?

Recently Google Docs added this mobile phone number verification to combat spammers. At this time, the help forums offer not suggestions, but do contain complaints from many teachers. We are currently investigating the possibility of using Google Apps for Educators, which may resolve this issue.


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