Google Apps

Willard R-II now has a Google Apps account, which is basically a personalized Google suite of tools. Previously we’ve been using the various Google tools by having students and teachers sign up for individual accounts. This Fall, as students were attempting to register for Google Docs, their mobile phone numbers were requested as a means of account verification, which put a stop to the registration. Google Apps gives us the ability to create multiple user accounts simultaneously, with any email addresses or verification process.

All the High School students currently have Google Apps accounts, which includes access to Google Docs Google Calendar, and Google Sites. The students can access any of these 3 applications by accessing the web addresses listed below, and then entering their original Novell username and password. Students will be asked to change their passwords upon first login. Teachers can print a report of students’ login information by following the directions in this handout. Teacher accounts will be created upon request.

The interface is basically the same as Google Docs, but with our logo. To learn more about Google Docs, you can access my handout and screencasts on the Fusion: Google Docs webpage. Willard High School Teachers: if you want an account just send me an email. I’m available to help introduce this tool to your students. Scott will be adding a link to the Google Docs App to the High School Website homepage.


Google Docs benefits:

  • create documents, spreadsheets, or slideshows that are stored online (like Office, but free and with limited capabilities)
  • web-based program, no software to install; no more issues about differing versions of software at home and school
  • access documents from any Internet connected computer; students can access files from home;
  • share a document with many other users, giving them permission to either edit or just view the file; this feature can be used by students to “turn in” their assignments digitally to their teacher; no more stacks of papers to take home for grading;
  • use the comment feature in Docs too leave feedback for students without editing the content of their document
  • simultaneous editing of a file by multiple users makes it a great tool for group assignments and peer editing
  • a revision  history will show what was contributed by each user, and also allows for the restoration of previous versions of the document if so desired
  • publish your document on the Internet with 1 click
  • upload office files to store/edit in your Google Docs account (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • download Google Docs files to your computer
  • subscribe to a document and receive email notification when a change has been made by any users

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