iSchool High School in NYC

“Last year, Joel Klein, chancellor of the city’s schools, decided he wanted to open seven selective public schools in New York City, and one was the iSchool, which would focus on technology and innovation.”  – eschool news

Below is a Youtube video that will be blocked at school, but is well worth watching elsewhere.

Read the article “iSchools lift hopes in NYC” by Meris Stansbury.


2 thoughts on “iSchool High School in NYC

  1. I teach in a public school in Boston and YouTube is blocked. YouTube may have a lot of stuff on it we wouldn’t want our kids watching, but it also has A LOT of educational videos. I have downloaded videos from YouTube to bring to school, videos that teach my kids in 3 minutes what it would take me a few days to teach on the boring white board. And this says nothing of how it helped me get through graduate school Java Programming and Calculus!!

    I have set up a poll on my WordPress blog. Do you think YouTube should be blocked in schools?

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