Digitally Passing Out Papers in Google Apps

Thanks to Donna Fishel, I now know an easier way to digitally pass out “papers” to students in Google Apps.

  1. Create a folder for each class.
  2. Share that folder with all the students in the class as View Only.
  3. Put into that folder any documents that you want to distribute to students. Students will be able to view all the documents in the folder. To edit any documents in this folder they will first have to use the File menu to Make a copy (this prevents students from editing your master).

To turn in their documents digitally to their teachers, we’ve instructed students to share their documents with their teacher and to use a file naming pattern which will result in a sorted listed in the teacher’s Google Apps account. The teacher can always proceed to further organize submitted documents using folders.

  • Pattern: HourLastnameFirstInitial NameofAssignment
  • Example: 1GartonJ PovertyStory

2 thoughts on “Digitally Passing Out Papers in Google Apps

  1. Ok that’s just very cool! Do you invite each student individually or create groups? Some schools mention disabling groups. Sounds like u are doing good work:)

    • The teachers have a spreadsheet listing the students’ usernames from which they just copy and paste in one shot. The Groups component of Google Apps isn’t helpful in sharing docs. Already tried that one!

      The teachers and students are the ones doing the great things.

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