New Feature in Delicious

I just noticed a new feature in Delicious, “Browse these bookmarks.”

After clicking this link, my browser loads the first site in the currently displayed set of bookmarks with a toolbar displayed across the top to navigate to through my bookmarked sites. The web address changes each time I browse to a different bookmark.

Teachers could easily use this to share a set of sites with students. For example, I could tag some appropriate research sites for my students with the tag student.research. Then I could filter out just those tagged sites by going to Next I click the “Browse these bookmarks” link and copy the displayed web address. I can then create a link on my class website or blog for students to use to access this list of sites. Or, I could just as easily paste the link into an email.

The words in the toolbar are also clickable and will take you to, my delicious account, or click the x to close the toolbar and continue to view the currently displayed site.

If you are not familiar with Delicious, it is a social bookmarking site. A free tool to save your favorite websites online, making them accessible and shareable from any computer. I use it every day. You can access my handout and screencasts here.


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