links for 2010-03-02

  • shwup is a free personal online space where you can easily share and view photos and video with those you choose to invite. Simply sign up and invite friends and family to view and/or contribute their photos and video to each album you've created. You can also create fun home movies (we call them muvees) to share on shwup and post them to your blogs, Facebook and other social media sites. Files are limited to 100MB. You can import photos from Flickr, Picasa, iPhoto and Facebook. And if you give us a URL, we can grab images from a web page too.
  • Neo K12 is an outstanding online collection of educational videos, lessons and games for students in grades k-12. Neo K12 has cataloged the best free online educational videos from the Internet in one place. In addition to videos, Neo K12 has Web 2.0 tools. The School Presentation tool is a mashup of Flickr and Wikipedia, and allows users to create and share presentations online. To create a presentation, students choose pictures for their presentation from Flickr, read and article about the subject from Wikipedia, and then add text to their presentation. When the presentation is finished, it can be printed or viewed online as a slideshow. Quizzes, games, and puzzles on Neo K12 are an interactive way to improve learning. Teachers can create and share videos playlists complete with notes and instructions for their students. -iLearn Technology
    (tags: videos free)
  • One of the lesser-known features of Gmail is its ability to help with multitasking. Frequently, I find that I need to find an old message while I'm composing an email. When this happens, I click on the "new window" icon to pop my compose area into its own window. # When writing a message, hold the "Shift" key while you click on the Compose Mail, Reply, Reply All or Forward links and you'll get a new window for your new message. (Holding the "Shift" key while typing the keyboard shortcut — in other words typing "C" "R" or "F" — has the same effect.)

    # When you're reading your mail, hold the "Shift" key while you click on a message to open the conversation in a new window. (Same holds true for the "Shift" key and the "o" or "Enter" shortcuts.)

    # If you're reading an email and want to save it for later, you can click the "New window" link in the upper-right hand corner of the conversation view.

    (tags: gmail tips)
  • Google is a search engine. Consequently, Google’s email service provides many different ways to search your Gmail emails, while sorting is neglected. This article shows you how to use all the search options you have within Gmail.
    (tags: gmail search)
  • iCyte saves webpages with highlights, tags and notes. iCyte allows you to highlight text on any website displayed by the Firefox or Internet Explorer web browsers, then bookmark the highlighted text in the cloud so you can either share it with someone else or review it yourself at a later time.

    Setup is quick: You just install the browser plugin and create an account. After that, highlight the text you want and click the iCyte button in your browser to save the link with the highlight included. The saved bookmark is called a cyte. You can name your cyte, apply tags for easy searching later, and choose whether or not the cyte is public or private. There’s also a button to bring up a sidebar panel that lists all your iCyte bookmarks.

  • Recording app for iphone. … automatic recordings without having to push buttons. You can even set a time to end a recording.
    … feature to snap photos to capture the location of the recordings. And of course a winning app like this includes GPS settings for locations where recordings took place. You can’t edit out audio in recordings, but you can set and re-title markers for recordings, and also manually drag the playback head and handle back and forth on the wave form to hear different parts of an audio. …provide features for wirelessly exporting recordings via FTP transfer to a designated website, or even faster using the built-in web server download. Blue FiRe allows for up to two gigs of recording time.
    The sound quality is great, providing settings for low, medium and high, and you can record or export in WAV, AIFF, or CAF formats.
  • This simple tool only needs you to paste the text of your paper into the website as well the references cited in it. Specify whether you are submitting an essay, research paper, speech, or book report. Then you will receive a detailed analysis of your paper based on its originality, vocabulary use, and style. Proof-reading analysis includes corrections for misspelled words, incorrect grammar usage, and inappropriate word choice. You can also read tips and examples to improve your work. PaperRater is developed by linguistics professionals and graduate students which makes it very reliable as a student companion tool. -makeuseof

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