“But Mom, there are already so many photo sharing sites. How many does a person need?”

She’s right. But I like Shwup for several reasons:

  • Albums are private by default
  • A free collection spot for multiple participants to upload and share content
  • No registration required for participants or viewers, just for the album creator.
  • Can import images from Flickr or just a webpage URL
  • You can easily generate a movie of your album content.
  • Movies can be shared publicly with a link, by embedding in a site, or posting them to Youtube or Facebook.

Additional features to note:

  • Participants and viewers are provided access by the owner and sent email invitations.
  • You can remove photos from an album using Unshare.
  • Images can be downloaded.
  • Comments: Visitors can leave comments for specific pictures. On a private album the person’s name is documented automatically, since they received an email invitation to view the album. Album owners can choose to be notified whenever a comment is posted. Comments can be deleted by the album owner.
  • Embedding: The embedding code for videos will work on sites created with our Google Apps Sites tool.
  • If you use the Share button to share an album via hyperlink (as opposed to adding viewers to your album), visitors won’t be able to unload content, but can view the album. They will have to provide their contact information to access the album in the form of their email address, Twitter or Facebook account.

Classroom applications

  • A teacher creates an album and emails an invite to parents and students to contribute their media from a recent school event. The album is kept private, but accessible by parents and students.
  • As an introduction to a new unit, students are emailed an invitation to contribute to an album created by the teacher.  Students are given the topic and asked to contribute an image that represents something they already know about the topic.  At the end of the unit, the activity could be repeated, but with students contributing an image that represents something new that they learned. These album could be shared publicly.
  • Each student is assigned a vocabulary word to define using text and an image. Using images from Flickr and its built-in editor Picnik, students will add text definitions to found images, then upload them to the album.

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