links for 2010-03-07

  • Page Objective: To organize and share resources and "good practices" so that teachers and students have a positive Moodle experience that enhances the learning process. The resources presented will focus on the pedagogical implementation of Moodle in a classroom setting (whatever that classroom may look like).
  • SCORM – which stands for Sharable Content Object Reference Model.
    First of all, a quick primer on what a piece of SCORM content usually looks like. It's a .zip file, which is placed inside the VLE and then is unpacked by the VLE when a user accesses the content. A giveaway that a piece of content is SCORM formatted is that immediately inside the .zip file is a file called imsmanifest.xml – which describes how the content in the .zip file is structured, and instructs the VLE on how to access and present it. Any 'assets' (web pages, documents, video & audio files, Flash movies, etc) might be stored in folders in the .zip file and accessed by the VLE when the SCORM file is being used, according to how the imsmanifest file offers them up.
    If you’re a school, try contacting a content provider and asking them if their content is SCORM compliant
  • grid of news; filter by country; filter by 10 minutes ago, more than 10 minutes ago, 1 hour ago, choose categories (world, national, business, technology, sports, entertainment, heath
  • Convert a YouTube channel into FLV RSS feed, subscribe to YouTube in iTunes, subscribe to YouTube feed in your favorite podcast application. Watch YouTube feed offline, extract flash video from YouTube, watch YouTube feed on your mobile, download YouTube video and watch it offline on your mobile phone
    Simply put the URL of the YouTube feed into the box, change the format to MP4, and click on the Generate button. Voila! A feed that you can put into iTunes as a podcast subscription. You can do this for any YouTube user’s video channel.

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