Did You Know That You Can Find Pics Like These at Flickr?

“To commemorate International Women’s Day (March 8), here are 23 photos that highlight the many arenas in which women have striven individually and collectively not only for their own betterment, but for better conditions and greater justice in the world at large. The photos caught our eye because they show the resilience, determination, and humor that it takes to survive and flourish, sometimes against great odds. The pictures were suggested by our staff and members of the Library of Congress Women’s History Discussion Group…”

Below is a sampling of the images you will find in this set on Flickr. All the images are from the Library of Congress and have no known copyright. So I can use them as I see fit. Click an image to enlarge.

Check out The Commons at Flickr to view the world’s collection of free, historical, copyright free images that have been made available from several libraries, museums, and other institutions. If you come across one of your ancestors, be sure to leave a comment, add a tag or a note.

To learn more about finding copyright free images, audio, text, and video attend my Copyleft workshop (as opposed to copyright), on Wednesday, April 7th at 3PM. To attend, complete your online registration by March 24th.

To learn more about Flickr, visit my Fusion: Flickr webpage where you will find a handout and screencasts.


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