links for 2010-03-13

  • One of the lesser known elements of Google Docs is spreadsheet gadgets. Gadgets are designed to take data from your spreadsheets and use it or display it in non-spreadsheet forms. One example of this is the Word Cloud Gadget.

    The Word Cloud Gadget takes the words (and numbers if you choose) in your spreadsheet and generates a word cloud. You can customize the Word Cloud Gadget to use the words from all of your cells or you can specify to draw upon specific cells. You can also customize the Word Cloud Gadget to link words in the cloud to a search engine. To add further utility, you can adjust the Word Cloud Gadget to ignore certain words when generating your word cloud.

  • Here is a simple application which can convert RSS feeds to streaming media so that you can now listen to the feeds instead of reading them. BlogRadio is an Adobe Air based free tool. We tried using the service and found that the conversion was really good quality. In case there are images in the post, they are displayed on the bottom portion so that you can have a look at the images while listening to feeds. Just click on the add button and add your blog and the RSS feeds URL. Select a voice, female or male and wait for it to be converted. Once they are ready, you can just select the feed on the left sidebar and click Play All button. In case you want to visit the blog to read it, click on the link option in the extreme end. It also displays the length of the audio file. Audio files are streamed from the cloud based system, so you do not have to download them.
    BlogRadio also has an iPhone and Nokia application which can be found here.
    – LifeRocks 2.0
  • Nothing will deter web users from visiting your site faster than slow load times. If you want to find out how to make website faster, Web Page Analyzer is a good place to start. This web application will take a look at your site and tell you how long it would take someone with various sorts of internet connections to load it.
    * Learn how to optimize any web page.
    * Outputs statistics pertaining to download speeds, files downloaded along with site, and total size of page.
    * Gives specific recommendations for speeding up your web page.

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