links for 2010-03-18

  • Steven Roberts, Assistant Professor in the School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences at the University of Washington, wanted to share science. So he gave his students a place to keep their lab notebooks online: We use it for almost all aspects of our research activities including protocols, location of resources, and general communication. One key aspect is that all members maintain an electronic lab notebook using Wikispaces. This allows everyone (including the public) to follow what we are doing in real-time. -Wikispace Blog
  • Two and a half years ago, Larry Bruce decided to give his 9th and 10th grade social studies students a more global perspective on collaboration along with a solid education in U.S. History. With student portfolios, a classroom calendar, and a posted curriculum, he’s done just that:

    From small-scale partner assignments (Inaugural Addresses) to larger collaborative tasks where students worked with classmates from other class periods asynchronously (The Big Kahuna), our wiki was a place to publish. Simply put, our wiki WORKS for us. As my students mastered introductory elements and uses, I kept reinventing how we (collectively) employed the platform. -Wikispaces Blog

  • Among other things, Jody Bowie’s high school students are actually writing their own textbook. Their work is visible to the public, so you really should check it out, and let Jody know that he’s managed to bring “new meaning to the idea of teaching students to ‘consider their audience’ when writing:” I see this project as a way for students to begin to create an online portfolio. -Wikispace Blog
  • Text to Voice is a useful Firefox Add-on which can easily and quickly read out text from any website and also has the option to download speech as MP3. This add-on could be helpful if you are not able to pronounce words from websites. Once installed, the add-on shows up on right corner of the status bar. You can select any text using the mouse and then click the add-on on the status bar. This will open up Vozme website with the text and it starts converting to speech. You can also download the MP3 of the speech. -Life Rocks

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