links for 2010-03-20

  • a quick overview of the Moodle game activity module
    (tags: moodle plugins)
  • 7 minute video from an 8th grade teacher using Moodle in her hybrid class.
    (tags: moodle video)
  • This is an open-source drag and drop equation editor written in Java.
    Once an expression is created the user can convert it into a variety
    of different linear syntax for mathematics, including MathML, LaTeX,
    Maple, Maxima or any user defined style.

    Created by Christoper Sangwin and Alexander Billingsley at the University of Birmingham as part of the STACK project, DragMath allows students to build mathematical expressions using a graphical drag-and-drop interface similar in appearance to that available in a number of office productivity suites.

  • The Book module makes it easy to create multi-page resources with a book-like format. This module can be used to build complete book-like websites inside of your Moodle course. Previously created websites can be imported directly into the Book module. Books can be printed entirely or by chapter.
    The book module allows you to have main chapters and sub chapters, but it goes no deeper. In other words, sub chapters cannot have their own sub chapters. This was an intentional decision by the creator of the book module. He intended this to be a simple resource for teachers and students.
    The book module is not interactive. You can, however, link to choices, forums etc., from within a book. And you can include multimedia objects like Flash movies in your book."
    (tags: moodle plugins)
  • Love Google Buzz but not enough to login in to Gmail again and again? Here’s a quick solution: get RSS feed for any Google Buzz profile and read updates on your favorite RSS reader. Buzz2Feed is a quick tool to do that without any hassle.

    Just head on to Buzz2Feed and enter the Google profile name that you want to get RSS feeds for. Click on Feed and you will be provided with an RSS feed URL that you can enter into your RSS reader. Note that this will only work if the Google profile has been made public. With a simple interface and easy-to-follow instructions, it will take you less than 10 seconds to create RSS feed for Google Buzz. -makeuseof

  • If you want to edit every aspect of a PDF, including the content and the layout, you’re going to need a professional tool like Adobe Acrobat. If all you want to do is split one PDF into two, or combine two PDF’s into one, I Love PDF can do the job for you. This free pdf merger and splitter allows you to upload your PDFs and, as I said, combine or merge them.

    The tool couldn’t be simpler: just select your files, and then tell the program how you’d like the combination or merging to work. You can merge up to ten PDF files into one, or split one PDF however you like. There is a limitation however: each PDF uploaded needs to be under 8 megabytes. For most home users this won’t be much of a restriction, however, so check it out.


    * Web application for merging and splitting PDF’s.
    * Merge up to ten PDF files into one.
    * Split a PDF file or extract pages from it.
    * PDF files must be under 8 megabytes.


    (tags: pdf editor)
  • Trackpad is a module designed to help you manage projects and work in general. It is a todo/ task list which can be used in single, team or course modes and is useful managing a variety of activities allowing teachers to easily keep track of how students are progressing and allowing users to collaborate on projects.

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