links for 2010-03-23

  • The primary feature of the TokBox web application is its video chatting functionality. You can create a free account, integrate your contacts from other IM services, and video conference with up to 20 people at the same time using your computer’s webcam. But here’s what is especially useful about TokBox: It also includes a feature that allows users to record video messages up to ten minutes in length directly from their webcam.
  • There are plenty of dictionaries online but they all work on the principle of one word at a time. If you have a whole list of words that you want to see their definition and synonyms, it can be a real hassle. For situations like these, use EasyDefine. It is a slick new app that lets you input a list of words and generate definitions for it.

    EasyDefine lets you view a detailed or a quick definition of all these words along with synonyms. If you want, you can also number your list or alphabetize them. Once you have the definitions of the complete list, you can also download them as a MS Word document or email it to somebody. A How To Use section provides detailed instructions on using the EasyDefine tool.

    definition and synonyms

    * Define a list of words.
    * See detailed definition, quick definition and synonyms.
    * Download or email the results.
    * No registration required.

  • …we’ve created some new Private Label tutorials for all of you. We introduce you to a Wikispaces Private Label site and show you how to set permissions, invite your members on board, and more.
  • Moodle filter plugin: Once the plugin is installed and configured, all you have to do is say [[vt:409]] (for full size) or [[vtsmall:409]] (for small) to embed thread 409 into a Moodle page, resource, etc.

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