links for 2010-03-25

  • we’ll outline the simple philosophy and steps to getting the most out of email in the least amount of time
  • On April 25th the History Channel is premiering a twelve hour mini-series title America, The Story of US. History Channel is offering schools the opportunity to get a free copy of the series on DVD. To get the DVD your school's principal must submit a request through the History website. The DVD's will be shipped in August, just in time for the new school year. Learn more about the series and watch a preview here.
    -Free Technology for Teachers
  • Ning social network for history teachers
  • If you are a student or a person working in the field of chemistry, then symbols and formulas are of important when creating documents. Chem4Word is a free Microsoft Word add-in which makes it easier for students, chemists and researchers to insert and modify chemical information, such as labels, formulas and 2-D depictions, from within Microsoft Office Word. This add-in works well with Word 2007 as well as Word 2010. This add-in is developed by Microsoft research team.

    The add-in harnesses the power of Chemical Markup Language (XML for chemistry), making it possible not only to author chemical content in Word, but also to include the data behind those structures. Chem4Word and Chemical Markup Language make chemistry documents open, readable and easily accessible, not just to other humans, but also to other technologies.

    This add-in adds a new tab to Word documents and you can use the power of Chemical Markup Language easily in word documents.

  • The people who push malware love to trap victims via search. Security companies refer to what they do as "SEO poisoning." They identify popular search terms, figure out which ones are likely to bring them suitable targets, and then optimize pages so engines like Google and Bing display their results on the first page — mixed in amongst the non-malicious pages you actually wanted to find.

    So what search words are most likely to get you into trouble? Bearshare and screensaver.

    I'll admit I'm kind of shocked. Typically it's a search for a hot celebrity or someone's nude photos or private video which causes the most problems, but according to McAffee Bearshare is the worst right now with 46% of results returned pointing to malicious sites. Screensavers is close behind at 42%. -DownloadSquad

    (tags: safety malware)

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