links for 2010-04-02

  • Teacher Self-Assessment on the National Education Technology Standards (NETS·T)
    Survey your teachers to determine how well they perceive their use of technology in the design and implementation of their lessons.
  • Mathematics and Multimedia is a great blog that I discovered early this morning. The author of the blog, Guillermo P. Bautista Jr. offers excellent ideas and tutorials for using Google Sketchup and GeoGebra to teach mathematics. Most of the posts focus on Geometry and Geometry-related topics although there also quite a few posts on Algebra topics as well as number theory and probability. If you're a high school mathematics teacher, it's definitely worth your time to look through the archives of Mathematics and Multimedia.

    Applications for Education
    Mathematics and Multimedia could be a good blog for mathematics teachers to add to their RSS readers. Mr. Bautista's posts and tutorials may provide mathematics teachers with new teaching ideas. -Free Technology for Teachers

    (tags: math blogs)
  • Clip Syndicate is a provider of professionally produced news videos from television stations and other media outlets around the United States. Clip Syndicate also provides videos from the Associated Press. All of the videos on Clip Syndicate are categorized into 86 different channels. Users of Clip Syndicate can embed into their blogs one video or an entire channel of videos. I've embedded the education channel below.

    Applications for Education
    Clip Syndicate could be a good resource for teachers that use current events stories in their classrooms. By embedding a channel into your classroom blog you'll be providing your students with a ready source of new current events news stories -Free Technology for Teachers


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