links for 2010-04-10

  • Browsing the world’s public photography archives just got easier with a new application by Sam Hinton and Mitchell Whitelaw. commonsExplorer is a desktop browser that enables you to discover connections in the collections of The Commons, revealing structures and patterns to encourage exploration or research.

    Select a Commons institution to bring up their photos and display the keywords from the photos’ titles. Hover over each keyword to reveal connections to other keywords. The photos with those terms are highlighted so that you can choose one. Find content based on these word visualizations; block out terms to further focus your view.

    Mitchell hints at more features they’d like to add to the commonsExplorer and discusses this application in the Flickr Commons group. The Commons program has two main objectives: To increase access to publicly-held photography collections and to provide a way for the general public to contribute information and knowledge to them. -Flickr blog

  • Tagxedo is a word-cloud generator. It's like Wordle on steroids. You can load text from a website, or you can paste in your own text. Tagxedo has settings for color, theme, font, text direction, layout refresh, shape, aspect ratio, history, and advanced settings like the word spacing and maximum word count. The history function is especially impressive.

    Just as impressive as the array of options available is the range of sizes you can save your creation in. You can save your word-cloud as a JPG or PNG in sizes ranging from a 100×100 pixel thumbnail to a 16MP image. Size limitations have always been the Achilles heel of online creation tools; it's really nice to see a tool that allows for high-resolution downloads.

    Tagxedo is a free service and requires no registration. -Lifehacker

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