links for 2010-04-16

  • Your iPad/iPhone can't play all that many video formats, but you've got countless types of videos on your desktop. You don't want to convert them all just for your stupid iPad, but even if you did, you'd be eating up your precious iPad hard drive with video.
    If you're willing to shell out $3 for Air Video (if you buy it on your iPad, you also get it on your iPhone, and vice versa; a free version is available, but the $3 version is worth the cost) and then download and install the free server software, Air Video will convert and stream any video on the fly, directly from your computer to your device.
    …. all you've got to do is enter a unique PIN in your device. To get the PIN, just open the server settings on your desktop and navigate to the Remote tab. Then open the app on your device, click the '+' button to enter your PIN.
    Just find the Shared Folders tab and start adding anything you want. Once added, those folders will instantly become available on your device. -LifeHacker
  • Autodesk Homestyler—a free and simple to use drag-and-drop design tool.

    Autodesk Homestyler offers easy planning for your home and garden designs. The drag and drop interface has components for walls, doors, room shapes, and even spiral stair cases. By the time you've worked your way through the banks of icons your creation will have windows, plants, even fruit on the counter. You can also save, export, and even embed your creation in a blog or web site.

    Autodesk Homestyler is free, create a free account to save your designs for future use. -LifeHacker

  • Have you ever needed to create a list of similar items? I do this all the time when I'm developing group names, cards for games, and other random activities. Google Sets may be a helpful resource that you can use in your classroom to accomplish these types of tasks. Google Sets asks you to enter a few items, and it will generate additional items based on your entries.

    Here are some ways this tool might be used in the classroom:
    Have students examine different lists of items and "name the group."
    Create different group lists, mix them up, and play "name the sorting rule."
    Have students create lists of items and use the lists as a way to "spice up" boring writing.
    Have students practice their prediction skills. See if they can predict what Google Sets will say based upon the entries they put in.
    -Teachers As Technology Trailblazers


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