Strategy for Composing Strong Passwords That You Can Remember

You should use different passwords for different services, each one being at least 8 characters long with a mix of numbers, letters and symbols. For example, your Facebook password should not be the same one you use to log into online banking! But how is one to remember all these passwords? Gina Trapani has the solution.

In her article, “WorkSmart: A Single Trick for Remembering Countless Passwords” Gina provides a great strategy for developing a password system. Start with an uncrackable baseword and personalize it for each login by adding the first three letters of the name of the service. To construct that baseword you could use a tactile keyboard pattern, the title of a song,  or interweave two words. You can read the article or watch the video for a complete explanation from Gina.

For those situations in which this system doesn’t work, Gina recommends a free program called KeePass Password Safe to store your passwords in a secure database.

Image Credit: TV Board Games: Password by timmurtaugh CC Licenses A-NC-SA


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