links for 2010-04-29

  • It’s a great place to find video or other multimedia elements to use in your classroom, as well as find interactive online applications like a java-based three-dimensional molecule diagramming program, an interactive periodic table, and a host of other collections to dig through.

    While the layout of the web page isn’t cutting edge, the content is rock solid and ready for use in the classroom, and certainly pertinent to any chemistry classroom activity. -Instructify

  • It's a great way to produce instant (almost) video worksheets to go with YouTube videos. (or any flv video up to 25MEG) Basically, what it does is to convert an flv video file into a number of screen shots with a space next to each screen shot for the students to take notes.

    To do this I first had to download the video as an flv file. Then you have to upload the flv clip to Vidinotes. This was pretty slow, but it will depend a lot on the length of your clip and you can do other things while you wait for it to upload. Once the clip is uploaded start to play it and simply click the 'Capture' button when you see a frame you want in your worksheet. As you capture images they will appear on the right of the video. And you can either give each image a title or leave it blank. You have to give the worksheet a name though. Once you have captured all the images you want from the video (you can select up to 30) you simply click on 'Print' and you have your worksheet. -Nik's Quick Shout

  • TitanPad is essentially a clone of the original EtherPad. With TitanPad anyone can instantly create a collaborative document. You do not have to create an account to use TitanPad, in fact creating an account isn't even an option. To get started just click "create public pad," enter your name, and start typing. To invite people to collaborate, just share the url assigned to your TitanPad. Every collaborator on TitanPad is given a unique color to highlight the text they've added. Try it now on this document that I started. -Free Technology for Teachers
  • Conjugating verbs can be a challenge for people learning the English language. aims to help those people learning English. Type a verb into the engine generates a list of ways that verb can be conjugated. also provides examples of your chosen verb being used in a sentence. provides a widget that you can embed into your blog or website for visitors to use. To install the widget click the on your site link, copy the code provided, and paste it into your blog's template.

    Applications for Education could be useful for ESL/ELL students as well as native speakers of English who struggle with verb conjugation. If you have students contributing to a group blog, the widget could be a good asset to add to the group blog. – Free Technology for Teachers

  • The subject is the use of the iPad with young kids, and my friend Warren Buckleitner (whos latest piece on the New York Times Gadgetwise blog is worth the read) is as much of an expert as you’re going to find on the subject. He’s an educator, he’s been immersed in children’s software for over a decade, and his Children’s Software Review is the industry standard. So here’s an 8-minute or so conversation about what the iPad means for our youngest learners.
  • Search for lesson plans, videos, podcasts and other resources mapped to state standards.

    Get fresh ideas from experienced educators like you. Discuss, share and rate the resources you like best.

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