links for 2010-05-10

  • free images, icons, clipart that you can use on your website and other publications; this section only is copyleft;
  • DocTranslator is a service that translates Microsoft Office documents using Google Translate, but it manages to preserve the layout of the original file. Unlike Google Docs, DocTranslator is not limited to Microsoft Word documents that have less than 500 KB and it works for Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations, as well. DocTranslator uses a Java applet to upload the files and it translates them using Google Translate's API.

    "Its benefits are that you can save the documents in their original file format and also maintain the original layout (fonts, tables, columns, spacing, etc.). It basically replaces the text of the file while keeping everything else," explained a user of the service.

  • Google's webapps can translate uploaded Microsoft Office documents, but with many caveats involving file sizes and HTML formatting. DocTranslator, a Java-powered webapp, runs your Office and text documents through Google Translate and sends them back with the same formatting.

    DocTranslator runs entirely in your browser, and uses Java mainly to accept file uploads and send back downloads. It accepts Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files in both the standard formats and the 2007 variations (.docx, .xlsx, etc.), along with text documents. After picking your file, DocTranslator guesses at the language, then offers more than 50 languages to translate the document to. The languages and services come from Google Translate, so the offerings are likely to grow in the future. That's about all there is to the app—no file size limits, no sign-up or download needed, and it works as well as Google does, which is about the best free option around right now. -Lifehacker

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  • Hartford High School teacher, Michael Hathorn, who introduced his class to the 3D Buildings layer in Google Earth and started teaching them about local history while they used SketchUp to model their home town of Hartford, Vermont. The class caught on quickly and now have over 75 models in their Hartford History Project collection in the Google 3D Warehouse. Over 50 buildings have been accepted into Google Earth.

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