links for 2010-05-12

  • Dropbox is an incredibly useful tool for keeping all your files synced between your computers and the cloud. Here we’re going to look at how you can keep all of your team on the same page with Dropbox shared folders.. -How to Geek
  • allows anyone
    to create an elegant website using personal content from around the internet

    Ideal for personal homepages, lifestreaming, splash and microsites, celebrity fan pages, commercial promotion, brand marketing – and everything in between.

  • TimesMachine can take you back to any issue from Volume 1, Number 1 of The New-York Daily Times, on September 18, 1851, through The New York Times of December 30, 1922. Choose a date in history and flip electronically through the pages, displayed with their original look and feel.
  • This site, a product of the American Physical Society, offers features that help researchers communicate their passion for physics to students of all ages. Physics Central offers a hub of information, from how physics makes the world around us "work" to how physics applies to current events, with a decidedly kid-friendly bent. -Mashable
  • With subtopics in the categories of basic science, space, medicine, energy, evolution and more, Scientific American's website is one of the most thorough resources available online for learning and teaching science. The site also hosts a bevy of blogs and 60-second podcasts – perfect supplement to the well-rounded roster of news articles in depth features offered. And of course, an important aspect of the site is its link to and content from Scientific American magazine. -Mashable
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