links for 2010-05-14

  • My number one favorite web application is called Crocodoc. In the classroom, I am constantly encouraging my students to learn the art of text annotation through the use of highlighting, Post-it notes, and writing notes in the margins. The sooner they learn this skill, the more successful they will be in all of their classes – in both reading and studying skills. Crocodoc lets students do the same thing on any webpage with a virtual highlighter, Post-it note, and drawing tool. An individual student can make his/her annotations, or multiple students can use the same page. It's free and no registration is required. You're given a URL address for the annotated page. In fact, any document can be uploaded to Crocodoc, converted into a webpage, and be annotated by one and all. -TeacherTech
  • One of the good, free offerings from Our Documents is the Our Documents Teacher Source Book. This free 76 page document is available for download. The book contains many primary documents as well as ideas for teaching with those documents. The book includes lesson plans and handouts that you can reproduce. The documents in the Our Documents Teacher Source Book cover events from 1776 through the end of the 20th Century.
  • they catalog captioned videos on the web, and have provided some support for educators using the captioned videos for teaching ESL. -Educational Technology and Life
  • Students, when we have a wiki, there are two phases: content creation and content editing and refinement.
  • Another great site to check out is camelcamelcamel. Again, just enter in the Amazon URL, ASIN, or keywords to locate the product. Displayed on each item’s page is a comprehensive price history chart, tracking not only Amazon’s price, but also third party new and used prices. You can even specify the chart to display only a range of one, three, six months, or a year.

    For a more detailed analysis, click on one of the tabs for everything you need to know about the product’s price changes.

    The website is also chock full of a lot of useful features. As well as providing price watch and availability alerts to your email address, you can also get alerts sent to your Twitter account. Just hit the Create a price watch for this product button to type in your desired price and submit your information.

    Its Firefox and Google Chrome extensions also put a Track Product button right on the pages of retailers for easy access to camelcamelcamel’s price history charts. -MakeUseOf

  • We welcome you to our wiki and blog for supporting iPod & iPad devices in education. Although our focus is K-12, many of the techniques should work for you at any level and with any number of devices. On the wiki side of this site are the deployment and management articles, and on the blog side, you will find the classroom activities (written primarily by teachers) where iPods are supporting achievement improvement for our students. We are posting as many help and how-to articles here as we can and as quickly as we can so you can continue to be successful using iPod devices in your classroom.
  • The following, amazing list was compiled by Carolann Cormier and developed as a handout resource. It is not meant to be exhaustive and is not a suggestion on what apps to download. It is always helpful to review the ratings on apps before purchasing. For review of apps, click on the review button when you are on the app download page in iTunes. If a lite version is available, generally they are free or cheaper, so they can be a way for you to try an app. For children’s apps, click on the Apps for Kids category in iTunes sidebar. For books, click on the Books category. Use the search parameters built into iTunes for apps by clicking on the apps button when your search results come up.

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