links for 2010-05-16

  • Find dictionary words for word games.
    Get help for crosswords, scrabble and anagrams.
    Use hyphens to specify missing letters.
    Find new words by adding one letter to your word.
    No registration required.
  • Flickr is a very popular photo sharing site and we have covered tools like Flickr AutoDownloadr and FlickrDown to download photo sets from Flickr. Bulkr is another free tool based on Adobe Air which allows you to download and back up Flickr photos. Unlike other free tools, Bulkr is quite different in may options, it allows you to back up your entire Flickr stream. sets, selected photos in 6 different sizes.

    You need to authorize Bulkr to access your Flickr. Once authorized, you can start the download very easily.

    While downloading, it allows you to select the size of photos, which is very nice feature to have on a downloading tool. Apart from this, you can also selectively download Flickr sets and photos using the tool.

    Bulkr lets you to download upto 500 photos in batches from your photostream, favorites, photos, Flickr search and from any user’s photostream. You can also download photo metadata (title, tags etc). -Life rocks! 2.0


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