links for 2010-05-18

  • Jalapeno Keyfinder retrieves serial numbers for a variety of programs on your PC—and even for most versions of Windows—so it's not such a big deal next time you misplace your serial number and need to reinstall.

    With so many different serial numbers to keep track of, Jalapeno Keyfinder will find your Windows' operating system serial number for you in a pinch. In addition, the program retrieves serial numbers from a multitude of programs, from the likes of Microsoft Office, CorelDRAW, WinZip, and more. The application recognizes and extracts license keys from up to 170 different pieces of software, and even has built-in command line support.

    Jalapeno Keyfinder is available for Windows at $6.95 but the older, demo version is a free download (and works just fine). -Lifehacker

  • by Penny Rector, legal council for MASA & MAESP
  • District 196 has implemented an online learning element as one of its course content management systems titled e-Learning or simply, "Learn". Running on the Moodle engine, Learn is available throughout the district at all sites, all levels.

    ISD196 is currently running just over 1400 Moodle courses in all levels, preK through adult. Some courses can be access as a guest.

    (tags: moodle)
  • iParrot Phrase sets a new standard for instant multi-language translation software. Designed exclusively for the iPhone/iPod Touch, it's stocked with over 20 kinds of perfectly pronounced oral language for instant use. iParrot Phrase is organized into categories such as: Greetings, Transportation, Shopping, and Asking for helping etc. So it is enough for you to find the sentences you need instantly. Organized for instant access and ease, it is especially useful while traveling abroad. Virtual fluency available in Chinese, English, Japanese, Russian, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Arabic, Thai and Vietnamese.

    – Learn foreign language wherever you go
    – Listen and practice pronuncing phrases on the screen
    – 400 practical travel phrases at your fingertip
    – Perfect for students and business travelers

  • The great thing with the software is that it allows for an automated process for event registration and management. The software can place a limit on how many seats are available and once filled up, you can either stop registration or start a waiting list. With the waiting list, if a person is unable to attend, the software will automatically notify the first person on the waiting list and keep notifying participants until the spot is filled. On the day of the event, the workshop host can print our a list of the participants for check-in, email all the participants reminders and information, print name badges, etc. The software also allows for multiple users on your events, so you can have multiple presenters managing the event registration. The software is free (if you do not charge for tickets; if you charge for tickets, Eventbrite takes a percentage of your sales).

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