links for 2010-05-20

  • Overview | Is PowerPoint a valuable tool, or does it stifle critical thinking and innovative presentation of material? How can information be presented visually using PowerPoint without falling into the trap of simplistic bullet-point prose? In this lesson, students examine perspectives on effective and ineffective uses of PowerPoint, then develop a set of rules for effective use of this tool for their class projects and presentations. They then create PowerPoint slides and a prose narrative on the same subject and compare the impact of each on the intended audience.
  • Start page with icons for all your Google Apps
  • Zoobust is a web-based content creation tool for making a 3D story that pops up on a page when viewed on the screen. You can have 10 pages in a story, each with a caption. The authoring interface is well designed, and fairly easy to use; it takes some practice to learn how to place and move objects. What is clever is that it is connected to an Open Clip Art vector library which offers a nice selection of objects, characters to use. In addition you can upload your own images. But the magic happens when you flip the view into Screen mode as shown in the top photo. You just need to print out a page with the augmented reality marker. When you hold the symbol up to your web cam, the box on the paper appears to flip open, the book opens up and your story is now there in 3D, you can move the paper around to move the characters.

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