Shmoop looks like something our English and Social Studies Departments would find useful.

“Shmoop provides lively Learning Guides and Teaching Resources lovingly written by educators and doctorate students at top universities (primarily Stanford, Harvard, and UC Berkeley). Our guides have a deep, fun approach that hits students in the intellectual and cultural gut. We provide multiple points of view and we hope to provoke, spark, and inspire students as they come up with original ideas. We dig deep into pop-culture, current events, and the Internet to bring these budding researchers face to face with the relevance of what they study. As a result, you’ll find at Shmoop some truly dynamic, lively, and entertaining guides that will help you make the classroom live and breathe.”

They do offer an iPhone/Touch iPod App, as well as access through a Kindle and other electronic readers. Most of it is free. Access to certain sections of the teacher’s guides require a fee (quizzes).


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