links for 2010-06-11

  • "what administrators should see during a 3 minute walk-through":
    It is the students, more than the teacher, who are using the technology.
    The teacher's role is that of facilitator/coach.
    Technology is being used to interact/collaborate with others (locally as well as globally).
    The technology should just be another tool in the classroom and not stand out anymore than any other tool
    Technology is used for reflections and sharing of learning.
    Technology is used to enrich the learning.
    Students have "transliteracy" skills: able to "search, gather, analyze, synthesize and apply and create information from many different formats."
    Students are able to transfer skills across platforms/software.
    Technology is used spontaneously and is seamlessly integrated.
    There is evidence of digital products/publication.
    Students own the learning.
    Evidence of critical thinking.
    Tasks should have "real world" connections.
    Students are engaged, creative, and excited.
  • Sculptris is free 3D modeling software for Windows (no Mac option). Sculptris is designed for creating mock-ups of sculptures and 3D objects with an almost "hand-drawn" appearance. -Free Technology for Teachers
  • Have you noticed? Your laptop is jealous. She weathered the storm when you introduced your iPhone, but now she's freaking out. She's got iPad envy. Can you blame your laptop? She sees the way you cradle that new iPad, how you touch the screen, and tenderly push the button. But is your iPad ready to be more than just friends? If you're ready to officially dump your laptop, here's 11 Apps that will help.
    (tags: apps ipad)
  • A 21st-century education revolves around the Internet for everything from collaboration, tools, lessons, and even earning degrees online. If you are looking for ways to integrate online learning into your science class, then take a look at these cool online tools that are just perfect for both teachers and students.
    Science Tools to Use with Students
    These tools offer opportunities for learning about climate, cells, the human body, nature, and more.
    (tags: science)
  • iWork tips
    (tags: apps ipad)
  • Mental Note allows you to capture ideas as they happen: use photographs, dictate, add text, sketch on anything. Ideas clarified. Creativity captured.
    – Draw with your finger using multiple colours and widths on top of photographs, text, or anywhere else on the page
    – Take a photo or choose one from your album and add it to the page
    – Add audio to the page by recording with the built-in microphone (iPhone) or an external microphone (iPod touch). Continue to edit your note while recording
    – Organize your notes using tags
    – Flag your important notes
    – Undo, redo and/or erase lines while drawing
    – Delete note sections using the toolbar button or by swiping any note section
    – Length of a note is limited only by device memory
    – Email the complete note directly from Mental Note, (each audio recording is attached to the email as a separate file; use QuickTime to play the attached audio)
    – Map the location the note was created at (if location services are enabled).
  • Archive of tweets with #edapp hash tag;
    (tags: apps ipod ipad)
  • It's an app where users can create digital storybooks. Just combine text, a drawing or image, and recording a narration or sound effects. The storybook can be shared online. You'll get a URL, but the sounds won't play back on an iOS device–but sounds work great in a desktop browser.
  • Try the new iPad in your classroom! This growing list of "Apps" are from the iPad section of the iTunes Apps store. Access the iPad Apps list in the iTunes Store here.  Also try iPod Touch Apps on the iPads and let us know how they work. The latest iTunes is required to access the links.
    -includes slideshow of how to use ipads in high school
    (tags: ipad apps hs)
  • If you use iPod Touches in your classroom and students have access to either an iPod Touch or an iPhone, here are some "Apps" that we have on the AUHSD iPod Touches that can help with continuity of learning. iTunes required to access the links.

    Use the "Sort" link to find Apps by discipline.  Items labeled "z-Possible" are possibilities to add to the iPod Touch library once they are evaluated by teachers.

    (tags: ipod ipad apps)

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