links for 2010-06-14

  • MindNode is available as a universal app for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad as well as a free and paid version for the Mac. You start off with a simple node. That node can be an idea or thought, perhaps an object. From here, you can add another node by tapping the plus icon. You can branch from the main node, any children nodes, or just make a new node from scratch. To help differentiate nodes and thoughts, you can change colors of the connector lines and the node itself.
    Sharing documents is a snap in MindNode. You have several options at your disposal:
    • Mail to MindNode
    • Freemind
    • png
    • Text Outline
    • OPML Outline
    • WiFi sharing with MindNode Pro only
    • Websharing, provides URL, port and user name/password

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