links for 2010-06-17

  • iscover new books to read that are relevant to your preferences through recommendations.
    Generates various book lists in the homepage.
    Navigate book recommendations visually through a book map.
    Displays book description and reviews from Amazon and GoodReads.
    Stores your book browsing history.
    Create a book wishlist.
    Signing up for an account is optional, enables extra features.
  • Th app excels at bringing all kinds of files to your iPad: Office and iWork documents, PDFs, text files, HTML pages, photos, music, and videos. It does this using any number of connectivity options. You can set up a temporary Wi-Fi connection to your PC, browse a Web site or specific URL, or pull files from just about any online source: mail and FTP servers,, Dropbox, Google Docs, iDisk, and so on. There's a double-page view option for PDFs. That, coupled with the new option of horizontal page-turning, makes PDF viewing much more book-like. GoodReader also lets you manually adjust PDF crop margins to help eliminate unnecessary white space.
    And if you happen to end up with a PDF that's been scanned in wrong orientation, a new page-rotate option will let you view the document as it it's supposed to be viewed.
    Finally, GoodReader now supports VGA-out, meaning all your documents can be viewed on a monitor or projector. -Cnet
  • The AutoVerbal Talking Soundboard is the latest in the growing field of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) devices available for the iPhone, touch and the iPad. A user can use the keyboard to can type what s/he would like the app to say or tap on one of over 100 pre-programmed picture buttons to speak a word or phrase like " I need help" or "blueberry."
    The 10 icons in the top row can be customized to say whatever you like. The screen is laid out in 16 topic-oriented rows (custom, medical, food, emotions, simple phrases like yes or no, people, places, things, vehicles, animals, activities, colors, shapes, numbers, letters, and days of the week and months). Scroll up or down to get to the appropriate row, and scroll left or right to choose between 8 and 19 buttons per row. -The Unofficial Apple Weblog
  • GradePad is basically a mobile rubric application that enables you to be able to grade your students with rubrics with your iPhone, iTouch or iPad.
    Manage Groups – Create groups with an unlimited number of individuals. This way you can create a group for a specific class that will be evaluated using the same criteria.
    Create GradePads – you can select evaluation criteria that is already established and comes standard with the application or you can create your own criteria on the GradePad website and then upload those rubrics to your device.
    Track Performance – Track your students’ performance by revisiting prior performance on assessments.
    Share Data – The assessment data can be viewed on the iPhone or you can access your account on the website and email it or “import and export class lists, create and share rubrics, or store and export your assessment data”. -I Education Apps Review
  • Windows only: Vodburner is an application that will record your Skype video chats and conferences, with the capability to edit the recorded video. The program saves those important business teleconferences or personal conversations with friends for future reference.

    If the other party of the Skype conversation does not have Vodburner installed, Vodburner will watermark the video when you record the video chat (unless you pay to upgrade the software). If both parties have it installed, Vodburner does not leave a watermark. As a courtesy, upon each call, Vodburner will ask if you want to alert the other person that they are being recorded.

    Vodburner also has limited and basic video editing features, including basic transitions, so if that's all you want to do, there's no need to go into a separate video editing program. -LifeHacker

  • Features of authorPOINT Lite:
    Converts PowerPoint (.ppt, .pps,.pptx and .ppsx) to Flash (.swf)
    Plug-in for PowerPoint to share your presentations directly or Send to aP-Lite.
    Under 5 MB download
    Batch conversion where you can convert multiple PPT to SWF files
    Supports animations, sound on animations, Transition sounds, animated GIFs, narrations, and rehearsed timings
    Options to select preferred quality- and conversion settings for the output
    Allows you to edit the details of the output like
    Slide notes & slide titles,
    Image & audio quality on conversions,
    Add/remove rehearsed timings and speaker notes in the output.
    Personalized output with presenter's image and logo
    Customized output, which is possible by selecting the layout color and template
    New Flash player with improved GUI and standard media player-like controls for easy navigation for viewers.
  • YouTube has added an editor. The editor is simple and intuitive, with a drag-and-drop interface showing a full thumbnail inventory of all of your videos. Editing a video consists of setting a starting and stopping point for each clip, so if you want to select multiple clips from the same video, you simply drag that video to the bar below and repeat the process for each clip. In much the same way, different videos, or clips from those videos, can be spliced together.

    Of course, rough editing like this can leave some interesting audio, so YouTube also provides you with audio tracks to overlay over the entire video from its AudioSwap library. Two caveats come with using the audio overlay – adding an audio track from the AudioSwap library will permanently erase the audio track on the mashed-up video and YouTube says that it may display advertisements on videos using these audio tracks. -ReadWriteWeb

  • infographic is information displayed visually and could include charts, mind-maps, graphs, and timelines. Why use infographics: Highlight important facts; Organize detailed information; Visualize products benefits; Understand complex concepts; Infographics increase visual appeal;

    resources for locating infographics for use in the classroom and resources on how to make an infogrpahic


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