links for 2010-06-20

  • Imagine your Easter Egg as an object floating in the Real World. Your iPhone becomes a Movable Window that allows you to see and paint all sides of your Egg from every possible point of view. STAND UP, hold up your iPhone, and spin around your Egg (seriously!) to see and paint all different sides! Done painting the front of the Egg? Turn all the way around the Egg while holding up your iPhone, and you can paint the back! Sit in a swivel chair, put your finger on the Egg, and spin around in your chair. You'll create stripes around your Egg! Try turning your Egg upside down by moving your iPhone. You can't! The Egg will always point up toward the ceiling!

    *Select between 5 Easter-y pastel colors, and an Eraser
    *Pinch to Zoom In and Zoom Out of the Egg and control the fineness of your Brush
    *Snap a photo at any time and place it in your Photo Album, using the Camera button
    *Share your creations with your friends by sending them a customized email, using the Share button

    (tags: app ipad ipod art)

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