links for 2010-06-24

  • AlgebraPad 4 focuses on three different types of equations. Specifically, equations in the form of xⁿ, (x – 5)ⁿ, xⁿ+x⁽ⁿ⁻¹⁾+1, and focuses on the powers of 2,3,4 for n. AlgebraPad 4 simplistic design helps you gain confidence and accuracy in solving equations. Algebra is interactive fun with AlgebraPad 4, and its easy to use! 

AlgebraPad 4's interactive interface allows you to customize the numbers you wish to focus on. As you master one group of numbers you can increase your maximum number to make the problems more challenging. 

AlgebraPad 4 is unique in that you use a keypad to input you answers which eliminates 'guessing' answers when the answers are displayed as a multiple choice.

 AlgebraPad 4 is ideal for the beginner or intermediate student who wishes to have a strong foundation (or review) of solving different type of equations. There's are other Alegebra Pads 1-3.
  • Designed to assess a user's current knowledge of American history and based closely on the actual AP US History test given each year, this application consists of 80 multiple choice questions and provides detailed answers to each one. The application measures your progress as you go along and allows you to save your work, returning later to finish the test at your convenience. It also allows for repeated usage since, once completed, you can scramble the questions and take the test all over again. To minimize frustration, the application also allows the user to skip a question, returning to it at a later time.

    The content for this application was created by Stephen Armstrong, author of McGraw-Hill's 5 Steps to a 5: AP U.S. History. Mr Armstrong is an AP History teacher, supervisor of social studies at Hall High School in West Hartford, and an adjunct professor of history at Central Connecticut State University.

  • Features
    – Content covers entire scope of high school Algebra I
    – Over 300 Algebra I questions
    – Immediate feedback
    – Detailed explanations for every question
    – Easily review all complete questions or only the ones you answered incorrectly
    – Sort by algebraic topic or FLVS Algebra I course module
    – Integrated reference guide
    – Easy navigation
    – Score tracking
    – Orientation locking

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