links for 2010-07-01

  • QuickieQ will help you gather a digital show of hands and more, whether the responders are in the same room or across the globe; Control with ipod, iphone, etc; Create, deploy, and even edit questions in seconds during your presentation; free trial account; watch the results refresh automatically; it will score any multiple choice, T/F, Y/N, fill in blank, short answer, numeric questions; you have the option of specifying a unique identifier than responders must enter to join the session.
  • Post by Voice is a way to publish audio posts to your blog from your phone. You call a phone number, enter a secret code, record a message, and we handle the rest.
  • t's very possible that you don't have time to keep track of every link posted by those you follow on Twitter. Because of that, paginates yours or any Twitter user's followees and lists into an easy-to-read, popularity-ranked online newspaper.

    You'll need to authorize with your Twitter account to get the really useful benefit, which is a newspaper, generated daily at a dedicated permalink, that you can head to at any time and check to see what everyone's discussing in your personal follower universe.

  • With a large influx of new teachers, I want to quickly setup a mentor/mentee environment using Moodle. This would enable me to assign 1 mentor to one or more teachers. Each mentor would only be able to see their mentee(s) content/comments but no one else's.  I'm not sure how to best setup Moodle to accomplish that.
    (tags: moodle)

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