links for 2010-07-07

  • This is a place to:

    * Look for examples of Moodle course and modules that you can use in your Moodle site.
    * Share the courses you have made with Moodle.
    * Share glossaries, databases, Scorm packages, quizzes and other things that you have developed to help with your Moodle implementation.
    * Share websites that also have course exchanges available.

  • This site hosts video tutorials on using Moodle. This link points to the Channels page of the site so that you can locate a video based on the topic you are interested in.
  • I-Pods for Everything was a classroom initiative that brought technology to the students’ fingertips. Through the use of i-touches we enriched student activities, student learning, and gave reference materials to students on a daily basis. The partnership between technology and teacher instruction lead to a more meaningful curriculum that supported student achievement. The i-touches were used to study basic math facts, history states and capitals, looking up information, recording speeches, making podcasts, watching podcasts, integrating music into writing prompts, and listening to audio versions of literature circle books. These are a few ways in which the i-touches were used to allow students to grow educationally and thrive with the technology that they are accustom.
    (tags: ipod)
  • Free online file converter as the name indicates, is an useful website for converting files from one format to another. But what makes this site better to use is the availability of different conversion, it can convert audio, video, images, documents, ebook and hash generator. The file size limit to upload a file and convert it for free is set to 100 MB which is pretty much enough for any online conversions. You can upload the file or provide the URL for the file.

    The link provided to you for downloading the converted file is valid for 3 days or 10 downloads, whichever comes first. This converter supports more than 60+ conversions online for free.

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