links for 2010-07-11

  • suggestions could also be used to check student work for plagiarism
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  • (tags: ipad howto)
  • trick for subpages and wiki navigation
  • PDF Escape is another free service which is an online PDF reader, editor, form filler, & form designer. Completely online, PDFescape requires no more than a modern internet browser and an active internet connection. Users of PDFescape can upload files to view them, modify them, form fill them, and even create new forms. No logo, watermark, or other tag is added to your file.

    The maximum size of file is 2MB or 50 pages. Another good feature of PDF escape is that it comes with add-on/extension for Firefox and Google Chrome. You can easily open PDF files online directly for any file hosted online. -Life Rocks! 2.0

  • Students may not be learning as much as you think from watching educational video and computer animations. That’s because watching and learning are not necessarily synonymous terms. The key to better learning is interactivity and engagement, elements that can be incorporated in both instructional settings. The research recommends a number of strategies you can use to promote students’ active participation in learning with dynamic presentations, and we’ve summarized a few of them here.
  • This workspace was created for educators to share and categorize livebinders by subject, grade-level, and whatever else makes sense. Please feel free to add binders, pages, and new sections.
  • Sketch wirelessly to your browser from your iPad in real time!
    Just fire up Air Sketch on the iPad and open the specified URL from any HTML5 compatible browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari) on another computer on the local network to see your sketches in real-time as you draw. No additional client software to install.

    ✔Sketching on the iPad using your finger or 3rd party stylus (such as the Pogo Sketch)
    ✔ Real-time sketching to your browser
    ✔ 5 drawing tools: Pencil, pen, marker, brush, & highlighter
    ✔ Fully customizable color palette
    ✔ Save and restore snapshots of your sketches
    ✔ Multi-level undo/redo
    ✔ Secure your web connection w/ username & pw
    ✔ Recording videos of your drawings
    ✔ You can even use Air Sketch peer-to-peer with a computer via an ad-hoc network when a WiFi hotspot is unavailable (see our blog for the quick how-to)

    (tags: ipad app drawing)

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