links for 2010-08-12

  • After installing the Perian component on your system, QuickTime will be able to play nearly any video you throw at it. … Perian has added lots of format support, especially around the more web-facing codecs like H.264. The format that's still unsupported in Perian is Windows Media Video (WMV). -LifeHacker
  • Flip4Mac WMV Components allow you to import, export and play Windows Media video and audio files on your Mac. Flip4Mac WMV export components can be used with QuickTime Pro, Final Cut Pro, Compressor, and iMovie 06 (iMovie '08 and '09 not supported).
  • It's almost entirely meaningless to hear "City X has a cost of living 13% higher than City Y." What exactly goes into that 13% increase? Will it be a 13% increase for you? Expatistan has a cost of living calculator that breaks down cost increases by category and then populates the categories with detailed examples.

    When we compared Boston and Los Angeles, for example, the total calculation puts them at roughly the same cost of living. When you break it down into categories you see that you'll pay less for food in Los Angeles but significantly more for housing. Within those categories you can check out sample prices like the cost of 2 pounds of apples, a 2 liter bottle of Coke, or a quart of milk. -LifeHacker


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