links for 2010-08-22

  • If you have a whole bunch of high-resolution photos, chances are, you won’t be able to upload them to your favorite social sharing sites, simply because their file size are too big. One of the solution is to compress the photos to reduce the file size. This give rises to another problem: most applications are not able to retain the image quality after the compression. What if you can compress the images by up to 90% and retain the quality at the same time? Caesium is an image processing software to use to compress photos while retaining the quality. Batch processing and previewing the pictures is also possible. Depending on the starting file format, you can really shrink the size of the image. If you are starting with a BMP or PNG and converting to a JPEG, you will get the best compression. If you are going from JPEG to JPEG, you will not be able to compress it as much without altering the quality. -Make Tech Easier
  • Welcome to the Technology Integration in Education on Ning professional networking group. The intent of this site is to supply a place where educators and professionals alike learn about what is happening in technology in the classroom by following the latest news in Ed Tech, sharing content such as favorite webpages, lessons, video, audio, and written content as well as inspiring others. Please feel free to join in any discussions and add content for others to use or discuss. Form groups, discuss content specific topics, integrate technology, share ideas and best of all, learn from each other. *I am a member.

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