links for 2010-08-24

  • With Keynote Remote, you can control your Keynote ’09 slide presentation on your Mac from your iPod touch or iPhone. Swipe to advance or return to the previous slide. In portrait mode, see your presenter notes on your iPod touch or iPhone. In landscape mode, preview your next slide. Keynote Remote works with your Wi-Fi network, so you can control slide playback from anywhere in the room.
    – Control your Keynote ’09 presentation
    – Swipe to advance or return to the previous slide
    – See presenter notes on your iPhone or iPod touch
    – Preview your next slide in landscape mode
    – Pair your iPhone or iPod touch to any Mac with Keynote ’09
    NOTE: Keynote Remote requires Keynote ’09, part of the iWork for Mac suite. You will need a working Wi-Fi connection between your iPhone/iPod touch and your Mac
  • Atomic Web Browser-Experience desktop features including Adblock, Tabs, MultiTouch Gestures, User Agent Switcher, Passcode Lock, Facebook/Twitter integration, Save Page, and much more.
    Use the entire screen to display a webpage.
    ✔ TABS:
    The user can choose between desktop style tabs or a list view.
    ✔ IDENTIFY AS: Safari Desktop, IE, Firefox
    Atomic Web Browser has the ability to spoof the UserAgent string to trick web sites into thinking the browser comes from a desktop computer. TIP: Set Identify Browser to Desktop Safari to avoid mobile versions of websites
    ✔ AD BLOCK: [OFF by default]
    Atomic Web Browser has the ability to block most ad banners through URL filters. To enable Ad Block, goto Settings->Ad Block Settings and set Ad Block Filter to on.
    5 multi touch gestures are supported.
  • Frasier Speirs (Mac developer at Connected Flow) is implementing iPads at a school that he works at, and he's documenting the whole process on his blog as The iPad Project.

    It's an interesting read. Even if you're not trying to follow in his footsteps and implement a large number of iPads across a system, it's intriguing to see how he and his co-workers are trying to squeeze a very consumer-targeted product into a more professional space. Concerns range from setting up profiles and activations on each device to more practical issues like labeling them with names and finding a way to charge them all together.

  • Mac OS X: The Mac has a few good and free video converters, but nothing is quite so simple and elegant as Evom. Backed by ffmpeg, it'll easily convert your video to the format you need with very little effort. While Evom does a great of the standard operations you can get with most apps of its kind, it has a few minor features that really set it apart. Aside from its great, minimal interface it lets you convert video to audio (MP3 format). This is great if you want to use Evom's ability to pull music videos from the web and save the audio directly to iTunes. While Evom focuses on the iPod/iTunes standards, it can also help you create files that are upload-friendly for video sharing sites. -Lifehacker

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