Showing YouTube Videos in the Classroom

Teachers now have access to the YouTube website. This access is specific to your login, not the computer. Students do not have access to YouTube.

If you wish to show a YouTube video in your classroom, the best practice is to use Zamzar to download and convert that video. Then you can play the video from your station using Windows Media Player. I have a 2 page handout on how to use Zamzar.

Playing/streaming videos directly from the Youtube website is not recommended. Streaming uses a significant amount of bandwidth and affects all other users on our network. As confident as I am that you will respect each other’s right to bandwidth, I suspect there may be an occasion when teachers will choose to play a video directly from the YouTube site.  The YouTube video pages often contain “supplemental resources” that you may not wish to display on the big screen for your students (inappropriate comments, related videos, etc.) In such a situation you can use QuietTube to hide the supplemental resources.

To use QuietTube:


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