links for 2010-09-12

  • how to show movies effectively
  • Every day teachers face the dilemma of maximizing learning in the context of limited resources and class time. An online forum, also known as a discussion board, offers a solution to this perennial issue by creating opportunities for students to collaborate outside the classroom. An online discussion goes beyond independent practice and turns homework into a true extension of class.

    Great classroom applications here for forums and blogging!

  • some ideas for student use organized by subject
  • There is a big push in education for educators to form or to have a personal learning network; a group of other professionals that you call upon for answers to our burning educational questions, for mentoring and for just someone else to talk to about our profession.
  • OE-CAKE acts as a physics-based paint program. Users can insert objects and see them interact under the laws of physics. It has an advanced fluid simulator with support for things such as gases, rigid objects, and even elastic materials. With the escape-codes, users can also mix the properties of elements together. You can even add your own pictures to the simulation!!!
  • StoryCorps is a nonprofit organization that records and gathers the stories of Americans from all walks of life. The stories range from light-hearted feel-good stories to serious and sometimes sad stories. Many of the stories are played on National Public Radio. Today, through my colleague Abbie Morrison (check out her great photography blog) I learned that StoryCorps has turned some of the stories into short, animated videos. So far there are five videos available that you can view on the StoryCorps site or view on Vimeo. -Free Technology for Teachers
  • What it is: Dushare lets you transfer files via a web browser as fast as you can upload. … just pick your file, decide if you want it password protected to download, and then share the file. Dushare requires NO login or registration. While the transfer is in progress, you can chat with the person you are transferring the file to over Dushare.
    How to integrate Dushare into your curriculum: In a computer lab setting, quickly share a file with all of your students via url. Students can use Dushare to quickly turn in work or send in work that needs a quick review. Need to send something to a colleague but your work email limits the size of an attachment? Dushare can make sharing that file a breeze.
    Tips: Dushare doesn’t view chats or files, they just facilitate the transfer of files over a secure connection. Dushare sets absolutely NO limits on file sizes of file types making it easy to send whatever you need to. -iLearn Technology
  • Prof Dev Workshop idea based on the ideas in this post: Conduct a session in which teachers access a Google Group and post a best practice. Possible topics: SISK12, Google Apps, Moodle, Classroom Management, Video in the Classroom, File Management, lesson plans, parent communication, etc. Encourage staff to contribute to the group by having a monthly drawing for a prize.
  • axZero offers a great service for infrequent fax users who only need to send out faxes, not receive them. You can send a fax for free anywhere in the United States. In exchange for the free service, FaxZero places an ad on the cover page and limits you to three pages and two transmissions a day. Still, it's free, and for those last minute "We only accept fax!" emergencies, it can get you through. If an ad feels too unprofessional, you can send a premium fax with a max of 15 pages and no ads for $1.99.
  • Directions for setting up student accounts and groups.
  • Diigo's features allow teachers to highlight critical features within text and images and write comments directly on the web pages, to collect and organize series of web pages and web sites into coherent and thematic sets, and to facilitate online conversations within the context of the materials themselves. Diigo also allows teachers to collaborate and share resources among themselves.
    Diigo is much more than a simple web annotation or social bookmarking service — it is a new kind of online research and collaborative research tool that integrates tags and folders, highlighting and clipping, sticky notes, and group-based collaboration, enabling a whole new process of online knowledge management, learning, and teaching in the information age.
  • concept mapping tool with collaboration; has Apple App;

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