links for 2010-09-17

  • Mission U.S. is a brand new multimedia adventure game site that is set to officially launch September 21, 2010. The site will feature interactive adventure games that are set throughout U.S. history. The first game, Mission 1: For Crown or Colony, is available for play now. In For Crown or Colony, student play Nat Wheeler, a 14 year old printer’s apprentice in 1770 Boston. As students explore Boston 1770, they will encounter merchants, soldiers, sailors, poets, Patriots, and Loyalists. The game helps students virtually experience the rising tensions of 1770 and ultimately asks them to choose where their loyalties lie. The website is extremely classroom friendly, teachers can use the teacher tools to manage classrooms and track student progress. The teacher page is incredible, on it you will find everything from models of instruction, to a synopsis of each stage of the game, to additional tips and resources, and a downloadable version of the game. -iLearnTechnology
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  • Dan Meyer also has his entire 38 week Geometry curriculum available for free. Again, you can download each week individually or download the entire collection as one file.
  • Dan Meyer published his entire 38 week Algebra curriculum complete with slides, handouts, and just about everything you need in order to deliver the lessons. You can download each week individually or download the entire collection as one file. -Free Technology for Teachers
  • Which Founder Are You? is a twelve question personality quiz designed by the National Constitution Center. The purpose of the quiz is to help quiz takers identify which founding father they are most like. -Free Technology for Teachers
  • With lots of devices and extensions available for handhelds and mobile phones, playing these formats on your Windows 7 might not always be possible unless you install the particular software to open it. Windows Media Codec Pack is an useful codec pack developed to be an easy to use and fast solution for all your audio and video needs. The pack claims to play almost 99% of all formats once installed.
    If you are using Windows Media player, then this codec pack is worth installing to play almost all formats. -LifeRocks

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