links for 2010-09-23

  • DVD Ripper and Video Converter from MacX. The combination of these two will be able to fulfill the ripping and converting needs of every movie lover who uses a Mac.
  • Eventbrite allows users to publish, promote, manage, and direct web traffic to discover new events. If you don’t charge a fee for your programs, Eventbrite won’t charge you, either. …. attendance caps, financial transactions, and event promotion … Eventbrite takes all those concerns into account. School PTAs, organizations, fund-raising events, and extracurricular programs like the school play could quite easily set up ticket sales for events to reduce to barriers to parent participation. Alternatively, grade levels and departments could set up curriculum nights and have parents RSVP via the school website or student blog. Eventbrite allows fully customizable options for a polished end-user experience. Additional features that are available include social media marketing, custom email invites, embedded widgets, accept donations, generate name badges, and secured transactions. -Instructify
  • Cory Plough teaches all of his high school social studies courses online. If you're just starting out teaching online or you're considering doing it in the future, Cory has just written a post that you must read. Cory's latest post on his blog The Next Step points out some things that people new to teaching online might not think about when designing and conducting online courses. Read 4 Tips for Teaching a Course Online. -Free Technology for Teachers

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