links for 2010-10-03

  • Assessment FOR Learning has grown to the point where that it now contains many different examples of how AFL can be practiced in a classroom. These ideas are scattered throughout the site. To make this site easier to navigate, this one blog will include links to all of the other classroom AFL examples. It's sort of like an AFL Wal-Mart – everything you need in one blog! Please note that while these blog posts are grouped by content area, the vast majority of them can be used in any content area. So be sure to explore examples listed in content areas other than your own. Also, please note that as more examples are added to this site, they will also be added to this blog.
  • LoveMusic iPod Transfer is a freeware tool to manage and backup songs and files from iPod, iPhone and iPod to PC. Using this application, you will be able to easily move songs and videos from the iPod to your PC, and vice versa. Simply connect the device and the application with detect, you need to have iTunes installed for this tool work.

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