links for 2010-10-10

  • 13 videos on online safety: sharing personal information, cyberbulling, blocking contacts, etc.
    (tags: safety videos)
  • Here are our favourite 75 iPad tips, and because the iPad runs the same OS as the iPhone you'll find that many of these tips will work just as well on that device, too.
    (tags: ipad howto tips)
  • AppBooks and The Base Factory are excited to announce the release of ‘Animalia for iPad’ and ‘Animalia’ for iPhone and iPod Touch, a new AppBook based on the much loved children’s book by Graeme Base. Developed with 360 Entertainment, the Animalia apps are now available on the iTunes store.
  • This channel showcases teachers using Modeling Instruction (and other reformed physics teaching methods) in their classrooms. Instead of relying on lectures and textbooks, Modeling Instruction emphasizes active student construction of conceptual and mathematical models in an interactive learning community. Students are engaged with simple scenarios to learn to model the physical world. More information about Modeling Instruction, sample curriculum, and upcoming teacher workshops at:
  • Best companion for presentation: a full-featured document manager, file viewer, web browser and whiteboard with VGA-out to external projector or LCD monitor. Perfect if you want to show presentation materials stored on local folders of your iPad or on Internet or private web sites. With multi-tab support, you can switch among screens with web content, PDF files, spreadsheets and photos/image files all within this app easily during a presentation. This app supports to use the iPhone app '2Screens Remote' (sold separately) as a Bluetooth remote control for page switching. So you are not required to always sit beside the iPad to control screen display during a presentation! You can mark on a whiteboard/chalkboard tab, or use the current slide as the background. You can even take screenshots of the annotations and save for future use.
  • Information graphics, visual representations of data known as infographics, keep the web going these days. Web users, with their diminishing attention spans, are inexorably drawn to these shiny, brightly coloured messages with small, relevant, clearly-displayed nuggets of information. They’re straight to the point, usually factually interesting and often give you a wake-up call as to what those statistics really mean.

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