links for 2010-10-28

  • Twiducate is a free platform for creating your own micro social network in a Twitter-like format. Twiducate allows you to create a private network for posting assignments and messages to your students or other people you invite into your network. As the creator of your network you create and administer the accounts of the students in your network. Students in your network can reply to your messages and to the messages of other students. -Free Technology for Teachers
  • My Brainshark is a free service offered by Brainshark for easily narrating and sharing slide presentations online. Here's how it works; upload a slide presentation, photos, or documents then use your computer's microphone to record your voice over each slide. If you don't have a microphone My Brainshark provides a phone number that you can call to create a voice recording. -Free Technology for Teachers
  • 100 Incredibly Useful YouTube Channels for Teachers is divided into four parts; general education, science & math, history & world issues, visual & performing arts.
  • Math Open Reference is a free online reference for geometry teachers and students. Math Open Reference features animated and interactive drawings to demonstrate geometry terms and concepts. The table of contents on Math Open Reference is divided into four basic categories; plane geometry, coordinate geometry, solid geometry, and function explorer tools. Click on any subject in the first three categories to find definitions, examples, and interactive drawings. In the function explorer category users can select linear functions, quadratic functions, or cubic functions to explore how changes in variables affect the graphed output. -Free Technology for Teachers
    (tags: math geometry)
  • Knowcase is a free tool for recording ideas and creating outlines. To get started using Knowcase just click create then start typing. Each time you press enter or return a new element of your outline is started. To rearrange the sequence of elements on your outline just drag them into a new order. Knowcase outlines can be made private or public. There are two public settings. A public setting that allows people to only view the outline and a setting that allows others to edit your outline. Knowcase can be used on iPhones and iPads. -Free Technology for Teachers
  • If you have recently moved to your own domain for email services and your old email ID on Gmail account has most of your important mails then, you can now easily transfer files from one Gmail/ Google Apps account to another one using Improffice. The service Improffice is not a free one, but very useful to migrate your emails to new account. It can transfer labels, starred emails, sent emails etc easily.
  • …. focus the tips here just on the documents part…. These tips will be most helpful for people already a bit familiar with Docs.

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