links for 2010-10-29

  • “Groupings” [].

    The feature allows you to incorporate two sets of students who may need different instructions and activities into one classroom. By using Groupings you can easily hide resources and activities from one group but display them for another. Very handy for accomplishing differentiated learning.

  • (tags: storytelling)
  • This site contains downloadable games, game templates, and utilities that teachers and trainers can use to enhance any lesson. Includes Powerpoint, Excel, Word, utilities, timers
  • The Picture a Story was the most intriguing portion for me, as it provides a great tool for telling a digital story. First, students choose a genre of story that they want to tell, next they choose a famous painting background for their story, students add characters (also from famous works of art), props, and then tell the story. In the tell the story section, students type out the story. If a microphone is available, students can even record the story in their own voice. When students have completed their story, it can be shared via email. -iLearn Technology
    (tags: storytelling)
  • Successful conversations begin with dynamic questions. Asking the “right” kind of question
    that will drive a conversation is an art. It is crucial that a facilitator formulate questions that
    will accomplish the following objectives:
    • Excite curiosity.
    • Engage higher level thinking skills: analysis, synthesis, evaluation, and creation.
    • Encourage multiple points of view.
    • Challenge thought, instead of stifling it.
    • Fortify understanding of curriculum.
    • Inspire the application of knowledge in new and innovative ways.
    • Draw on personal experiences and perspectives.
    • Foster collaboration.
    • Build a strong community.
    This pdf lists Question types that foster conversations and additional tips for optimal student participation

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